The Science of Productivity


   In a world that seems busier by a day,        productivity is on the minds of many. Productivity is the rate at which work is completed. Have you ever asked yourself is there a secret to high productivity?  How can we use science to know the potential of our minds.

              First things that come to mind is that your willpower. Yours may not be enough.   In fact, some studies suggest that willpower is a source that can be entirely used up. This is a concept called ego depletion. So instead of convincing yourself to try harder. It’s better to get started. Studies have shown that starting something is one of the barrier to productivity. Before starting our brain visualized the hardest part to come. According to a study by Psychology Researcher Dr. John Bargh, before we embark on big projects, our brains attempt to simulate real, productive work by focusing on small, mindless tasks to pass the time and, consequently, prevent us from getting anything done. But there is something called zeigarnik effect. It states that people remember uncompleted or interrupted tasks better than completed tasks. Having a unfinished task, a person will experienced discomfort and will have unsure thoughts about it.

             What about time-management? Instead of putting all of your effort in a day. Breaking it down into sessions with plan and relaxation is more effective. This shows disciplined-scheduling. But how can you develop yourself in following this routine. One key is giving yourself a deadline. Create something that shows the progress of your work. This let you keep track of it and evaluate your work and will help you avoid small mindless tasks.

              Lastly, stop multi-tasking even if you feel like you are doing accomplishing more studies show that people doing multi-tasking  are much less productive. Instead make a list of things you want to finish today and this will help you to avoid multi-tasking. Next is split up your large task in smaller ones. Your brain will find this more easier and it will make the starting process much easier. With a clear goal and a plan in mind. You will be much closer in being much more productive.


The (Suprising) Science of Productivity



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